Optus Netflix launch featuring Ricky Gervais

The anti-ad broke the record for the fastest branded video to hit 4 Million (Australian) views in Australian Facebook history (from a population of 23 Million) – the most successful brand piece in Australian Facebook history

The anti-ad was the most successful piece of branded content Google have ever seen in Australia – the most watched ad on YouTube for Q2 in Australia and the 2nd most watched ad on YouTube in 2015

The Ricky Gervais series won the coveted ‘Best ads of 2015’ – Today Show and Sunrise (Australia's most popular mainstream morning TV shows)

Interest level in the anti-ad was 6x higher than any TV campaign Optus had previously run, it resulted in 165% lift in searches for Optus

The anti-ad had a full play out & discussion on The Ellen Show globally and locally on The Gruen Transfer (over 1 million viewers a week) and Sunrise (over 1 million viewers daily)

The anti-ad featured in the top 5 global ads on Adweek and Faster CoCreate

2015 Google ‘Think’ Global Digital Case Study

An average of 97% positive sentiment across social platforms for the series

Over 150 pieces of PR were generated in Australia

Over 15 local and global award nominations in 2015.